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high above the ground,
on the pedestal i made for you
you look so much better
than now

love is pure
love is crystal clear
and a shimmering emotion
love is all i ever wanted

but love is just a fallacy
made up by romantics
and played out by fools
for lust is all that rules

our spirits are dead
long since buried six feet under
no one mourns, no flowers are laid
bodies are the only things wanted

do i alone crave?
i though i saw something in you
but eyes are easy to deceive
and i am always so willing to believe the lies

so, baby, please
tell me another lie
to fill this gaping hole
that resides in my chest

because the fantasy i had
of you
was so much better
than now


I was prepared! Where the hell is that from, anyways?! *racks brain*

Need sleep now. Kthnx.

Edit: Mister Goat from Hoodwinked. Duh!

what a strange, morbid girl

you and her

you stand
looking down, down, down
there she lies
so cold and pale
the forgotten child
of a coward

how her mother tried
how she hoped and wished
for that poor girl
but expectations choke
and the never ending silence beckoned
so she answered the call

for her body grew colder
every day
and her heart grew fainter
every day
and her soul...
had there even been one?

the answers scare
as the open grave gapes
for you know that girl
you know her well
she is you
and you are her

it's only one end
but the others are unknown
are they even real?
or just a lie?
as the weight presses down
you don't see any other ways

but you stay brave
or is it the coward's way?
turn and walk away
from the dark abyss
she might be you
but you're afraid to be her

worth less, worthless

you sit
the couch sinks beneath you

she looks on in wait
you open your mouth

words spill over
they mean nothing

she knows
tell the truth

it comes
but not all

never all

because you're wrong

something broken
or perhaps always lacking

something is missing

you fear that she will know
you fear that they will know

you are wrong
and they are right

and nothing can be done

it is too late for you to be fixed
if you can be fixed

because you are wrong

because you are ugly

because you are worth less

because you are worthless

because you're only a girl

watch it slip through your grasp
but you keep reaching
and it keeps leaving

the yearning claws at you
while pride says "no, no, no"
and your head screams in agony

because you're only a girl
one lost in the dark,
a dark all your own

silhouettes walk on by
could have been, would have been, should have been
you fail them all

the world keeps spinning
the scenes keep changing
and only you stay the same

because you're only a girl
you believe in truth and love and everything good
but shield your eyes from it all

"this time," you say
your heart hopes and your mind scoffs
there is no middleman here

you're let down, beat down
split lipped and cold eyed
the inside is a shattered mirror

because you're only a girl
you expect too much
and get too less

they all say you're fine
they don't see the hole,
the great decay that grows day by day

it's safer to hide behind the walls
and let them see what they want to see
the actor trapped in the play

because you're only a girl
the emotion bottled up inside
and the pain climbing up and up

you think one thing
your lips say another
all the time, what were you thinking?

the want and the need get tangled up
they tell you what to do and what to think
but how do they know what's inside?

because you're only a girl
not even twenty and so confused
you don't know, so how can they?

because you're only a girl
you fall and you hurt
you make mistakes

because you're only a girl
and that what you'll always be
but is it all that there is?

So in love with three: Takeru's Story

Title: Takeru's Story; first part of the So in love with three series
Pairing: Takeru/Iori/Ken for this one, will become Takeru/Iori/Ken/Daisuke
Genre: Romance
Rating: R/NC-17 (I'm not so good with ratings, so let's just say it's not worksafe)
Summary: Love knows no boundaries nor numbers.

For my lovely Lar! Sorry it's taken so long, dear. The next part shall be up in the next couple of days. Love you! <333

Takeru's storyCollapse )

I is alive!

No really! I'm not dead yet! Hurray! So in honor of the cliche New Year's resolutions, here's mine:
~Get straight A's next semester
~Write fanfiction! Like, try for one a month, at least
~Lose weight (c'mon! I'm a girl; what'd you expect?)

I think that's it, it certainly seems like enough! Anywhos, to help make my resolutions more legit I have a new fanfic for my dears! Sadly, it's not a new chappie of ANW (Tho I am working on it! Really, I am!). Tis a new four-parter fic for my lovely Lar. Hope you enjoy it!

Psst! Go to the next entry-that's where it is. My mild OCD made me do a seperate post. XDD

Happy, happy birthday!

To two of my favorite gals, Lar and Michelle! I hope you guys have a wonderful b-day!

p.s. - Lar, school is crushing me down so I'll try to have the smut I promised sent to you by this weekend. Don't hate me, kay? *puppy dog eyes*


Why do they all betray me so?

So by now, you should all know that I'm a crazy fangirl-but not one of the rabid ones that chases people-and it take it seriously, so things like shipping matter to me. And very sadly all my favorites shows (Buffy, Charmed, Avatar, etc) have taken to stomping on the ship I support and then shoving the icky ships in my face. How could you, Avatar!? Wwwwwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!? T____________________T

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